Monday, April 30, 2012

Word to the wise....

Word to the wise.... when you're in the kitchen and an idea comes to mind, even if its a "Gotta eat soon, or die" idea, take moment to ...WRITE IT DOWN.

Yesterday I had an idea for a simple, quick and "in my head" delicious salad dressing. Nothing fancy...just roasted garlic, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt and freshly ground pepper.

The idea came to me while I was watching the time on the oven count down to the last 60 seconds. I was super hungry. I decided, instead of pacing in front of the oven, I should add a leafy green salad to the meal. Again, nothing elaborate just field of greens, green onion, a few rings of sweet red onions and done.

Since, I don't buy salad dressing I thought, why not use a few of the pieces of roasted garlic (cooked earlier in the day) and mix it into a dressing. The results...naturally creamy sweet and savory. My kinda dressing.

The was delicious. So much so I took left overs to work. My co-worker asked if she could use the dressing on her salad. As I watched her scrap the bottom of the jar and the top of the jar lid...slightly refraining from licking the container, I discovered the recipe was "good to go".

However, in my attempts to recreate the recipe tonight...I found out the hard way, recipes are sometimes difficult to duplicate. Maybe I adding the fresh basil wasn't a good idea afterall? Did I add salt, pepper AND red pepper flakes last night? Did I measure the olive oil last night? All in all... the new version of the recipe was "okay" compared to yesterdays strike of culinary genius.

Note to self...WRITE RECIPES DOWN. No matter how simple or quick. It could lead to something. with love makes any recipe taste better.