Sunday, November 27, 2011

What's a pan got to do with it anyway? Aren't all pans created equal?

What does a pan have to do with it?

Hello, Fellow Culinarians.

Have you ever wondered if a pan really matters?

As a matter of fact it does. I was watching KQED's America's test kitchen the other day. They had a segment on cooking pans. They conducted a review on glass, foil, aluminum, non-stick, etc.

Surprise, surprise...the pan and what it's made of does make a difference in the end product.

The heat from the oven is either absorbed or reflected during the cooking process. Which I found out the hard way when cooking with a pan that absorbed too much and the bottom of a cake was burned rather than golden brown. The inside and top of the cake were prefect, but the bottom. Black and hard as coal.

What type of pan do I use? Good question. I prefer to use the products at William Sonoma. Yes, they can be pricey. But, I have never had a cake stick or burn in my William Sonoma GoldTouch pan. My cakes, cornbread, or deep dish pies always come out golden. Evey time without fail.

So.... the type of pan has A GREAT DEAL to do with it.

Remember.... cooking with love, always makes any recipe tastes better.

XO, Lady E