Thursday, August 29, 2013

Celebrating our youth and food...

I have a confession. Catering is NOT one of my favorite things to do as a Culinarian. Nope...sorry to say. it's not. But, my friends have learned...the way to convence me cater for them, is to ask me a question. The question is ..." If you had to create a menu for an event ...(fill in the blank) what would you prepare, serve or suggest?"

My creative juices start flowing and visions of food flood my brain. Next thing I know, I'm thinking food before I sleep, while I sleep, talking in my sleep about food and finally preparing a menu for the "friend".

 This special event was for the youth of Jack and Jill and the installation of the new Members. Oh, how I remember those if they were yesterday. Collaborating with fellow teens and being guided my talented and driven parents for our unified (and solo) success.

Cheers to the Teens! May you always prosper, grow and bring value to our community and lives.

Tablescape designed by Gisele Bonds of Positive Images 2013
Next thing I know...I'm designing a menu, food plan and then a budget.
Roasted Shrimp with Orzo Salad (Recipe by Ina Graten/Barefoot Contessa)

Homemade Pulled Pork Sandwiches, and Red Cabbage Cilantro Slaw

Homemade Mango Soda....fizzy and naturally delincious

Cooking with love, makes everything taste better!
Lady E