Friday, January 17, 2014

Pita Pockets filled with nutritional goodness!

Turkey and Mixed Greens Pita Pocke
 The question...what do I take to work to eat? I know most folks like to eat out, but after a while it becomes taxing on your budget and frustrating on your growing waistline.

Me? I take my lunch to work 4 days a week...and once a week treat myselt to a restaurant meal in San Francisco, CA.
While preparing my lunch at work I notice a co-worker doing the same thing, but his lunch was much more elegant. He prepared sliced tomatoes which were fanned out on the plate, olives and lettuce to one side. The other side of the plate had two slices of fresh pita bread with sliced turkey, cheese and an olive oil vinaigrette.

The pita bread caught my attention. And, even though I've had pita bread in many forms it never dawned on me to make a lunch meal out of it. Did you know that, on average, one pita pocket is 165 calories? Now, that might be a little more than most other breads, but it is more satisfying, hopefully healthier and tastes great.

The filling for the pita pocket above is a mixture of cooked ground meat turkey with onions, dried oregano and fresh garlic salt. Fill the pita pocket with tossed mixed greens, fill with turkey mixture...and your done. C'est fini!

My next recipe will be cooked dark meat turkey, oregano and ... sun dried tomatoes. Yum!

It's alway nice to share new ideas, revamped recipes and food with fellow foodies.

Next adventure...Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco, CA. Excited!

Remember, cooking with love always make everything taste better!