Sunday, August 24, 2014

Napa Farmers Market

By all accounts The City of Napa is the beginning of what most Northern Californians call the foot of Wine Country. Fertile land, sun drenched days and cool breezy nights make this location a must visit if you travel to California. The Napa Valley Farmers Market is not exception. A rather small venue with local and unusual products that you most likely will not find anywhere else.
For instance, The Pasta Poetry ... freshly made pasta from porcini pappardelle to parsley pappardelle and beyond. The artisanal pasta is rolled and delicate to the taste. I couldn't wait to get home and prepare a meal with the porcini pappardelle with wild mushroom, shallots and parmesan cheese. In the midst of my preparation I would have paid my sweetie to venture out to buy sherry, but he didn't trust me alone with the main dish... thinking I would eat it all.