Friday, August 22, 2014

Living it and loving it!

August 22, 2011 was the first day a post was entered on blogspot for Lady E Cooks. Three years later I never imagined the impact the blog would have on me, my team and the readers. Three years later I can honestly say the journey has been well worth it.

Like most stories journeys don't spontaneously happen with the click of a mouse, a mobile phone camera or the tap, tap, tapping of a keyboard. My journey began years ago, at age 10, lying on the family room floor being mesmerized by the culinary genius of Julia Child, Jacques Pepin and even The Galloping Gourmet.

I have to pay props to my Mother and Father. They noticed their baby girl was transfixed by PBS and cooking shows and stepped into action by immersing me in all things food. My Grandmother was even shipped in to teach me the Copeland Family recipes for gumbo, corn fritters, and lemon cake …even her holiday fruit cake. I was a sponge. Shortly after I started creating my own recipes, testing recipes and forcing my family to eat whatever I prepared. My most famous recipes I created Garlic and Scallion mashed potatoes and Lousiana Sweet Time Potatoes (In honor of my Grandmother). The best day was when I prepared a meal for my parents. The china and silver were placed elegantly on the marble table. The crystal glasses were spaced just as my Mother had taught me. And the napkins folded with care. The dish, I will never forget, was my very first Cheese SoufflĂ©. Science, imagination and creativity came to life in each spoonful.

You’d think the journey would have continued. However, life happens, distractions take place, foundations are shattered and sometimes even a child’s self-esteem waivers during adolescence. So the twist and turns of life take you down roads, like College, marriage, divorce, graduating from Law School, touring the famous Le Cordon Bleu in San Francisco, relationships that end and a multitude of job layoffs. After the fourth layoff in three years, I yearned for an opportunity to shift into a new direction with confidence, happiness and inspiration.

The journey led me right back to where it began … laying on a family room floor absorbing knowledge and finding joy in my escape called food. Imagination, inspiration and creativity…my old friends. Along withJulia and Jacques who were waiting for me with rerun TV series and antique books found at flea markets and bookstore. Hand in hand, they brought me from a depth of doubt and frustration, while Julia posthumously breathed a new version of life into a grown woman. Coupled with a driving force, once denied and now accepted/acknowledged. My love for the written word.

Three years, a new team member (my Niece Mahlet Copeland) countless readers around the world and the US, 100+ articles, with 5.452 views and hours of tasting, testing, reading and writing has landed me in the middle of joy. With a dash of inspiration from new friends like Giada De Laurentis and Ina Gratin. The road ahead will include completing my French lessons, parle en francais, video clips, more adventures in Northern California and a vision for five year anniversary article in France.
Here’s to food and writing … always remembering cooking with love, makes any recipe taste better. ...and similar to cooking, sometimes finding your true joy has to marinade, stew, grow, bake or boil over to manifest in your life.

Special acknowledgement to my team members, Seraphina Uludong who is my rock and Jeanette Robinson for bringing your talents to the team. To my lovely Niece Mahlet Copeland...welcome to the team and hopefully whatever I've learned over the years from your Great Grand Mother to her child (Grandpapa) you will absorb the culianry arts like I did.. You are my video Guru! Love you all! Most of all ... THANK YOU to the readers both on Facebook and the blog. you're the reason I continue on the journey.

Lady E