Monday, August 18, 2014

Treasure Chest of culinary finds ..

Culinary arts is more than just food... and in this case it's about fun finds at the Alameda Flea Market in Alameda, California. It’s interesting to me… I’ve been writing our blog posts for 3 years (and counting) and in addition, I’ve been reading and researching other blog posts. Very few blogs focus on the other four senses for readers. Where do you find cultry at a reasonble price? Place settings old fashioned or elegant? Plates? Turines? I could go on and on....

I thought of this while walking the many miles of rows of the Alameda Flea Market. Rows upon rows of just about everything that is in the sphere of the culinary arts. My favorite item was the four foot tall wood carving of a Chef which included the handheld chalk board. He was, amazingly, only $80 dollars, but I hesitated (always financially conservative) … but, the image of him has been lingering in my mind ever since I walked in the opposite direction. If it is meant to be ... he will come back into my life.

The antique salt and pepper shaker with glass holders in the shape of grapes on a vine. the silver lids unscrew to fill either side with salt or pepper. So darling and reasonably priced. These would be perfect for a Tea Party, Wedding or Bridal Shower, Wine Tasting at home... and last but not least Dinner for Two. Throughout the Flea Market there are hundreds of vendors selling anything and everything related to food, including the ever present caste iron skillets…every vendor has a stand with their version of the kitchen staple.

So what is my mission from now on? At least once per month feature the unspoken and unrewarded part of cooking … the ambience, the staging, the visual art so to speak that increases our senses to more than just the joy of cooking...and eating.

Cooking with love makes any recipe taste better … napkins, glasses, centerpieces all contribute to the overall experience and joy.