Sunday, February 16, 2014

March 2014 Food Challange.

Looking for ideas for a Lady E Cooks - California Culinarian food challenge for March 2014. Roasted chicken, done. Pasta dishes, done. Soups, done. Gumbo, done. Crostata, done.

What would you like to see me cook, post on Lady E's FB page and a written article about you and your culinary choice on the blog seen around the world?

Winner gets a delivered dish to their home in March 2014.
Post your one dish ideas on Lady E Cooks FB page. Selection by Lady E ...the most creative idea will win using local ingredients a must.  (see )

Contest limited to Northern California residents. Entries end March 1, 2014.

Remember, cooking with love always any dish tastes better.
Lady E