Monday, February 24, 2014

Pricing can turn a great restaurant from a must see to....

Pricing can change a restaurant from a "must see" to a "Can miss", with one single tab for the table. Case and point...Mama's Fish House in Paia, Maui Hawai'i. Lovely location. Amazing setting. Decorations Hawai'i fantastic. The food? Uber wonderful. You are waited on hand and foot. Everything about this restaurant screams, "Come back and tell your friends". However, once you receive the bill, after swallowing and gasping for air, you may have second thoughts.
I decided to take the Road to Hana and stop at Mama's Fish House for a light lunch before I hit the road. The view from my table sets the standard of what the dining experience will be ....beachfront property with ocean views. Warm soft breezes surround you as you are amused by the local birds playfully gathering in and around the restaurant.
For my meal, I decided to eat light and I had two non-alcoholic speciality drinks, two appetizers that were deliciously filling and one dessert. The next thing I know, my single "light" meal turned into an $88+ bill. Yowza! Being the "Lady" that I am ... I politely took a sip of the last drops of my cocktail and proceeded to pull out the cash in my pocket and tip the wait staff accordingly.
Please keep in mind...everything up to this point was shear perfection. However, when a steep and unexpected bill hits your wallet it tends to put a sour taste on your tongue. So, If you are blessed to visit Maui and venture to Paia and drive to Mama's Fish my best friend said, to me, "turn around and go back to the ATM and get more cash, you'll need it." And that's the truth! A standard two appetizer and two cocktail with desert at home would have been around $45-$55 at most.
The food was cooked with love, and the views are outstanding.