Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cowboys in Wine Country? Who knew?

Cowboys in Wine Country? Who knew? Evidently, I didn't. But, with a name like Long Meadow Ranch - Farmstead (for short) might run into a few gentlemen in White Hats. 
There are a few things in Wine Country that you typically don't see. One, bad wine. It is rare to come across a winery that has bad wine. Maybe not to your particular tastes, I'm not a Chardonnay fan for instance, but not awful. Second, bad restaurant. Most restaurants up and down the Napa and Sonoma County lines are worth your time and tastes buds. Third, men in white hats gathered together under the pale moon light and twinkling stars. 

The group of "Cowboys" were from all over Northern California who were gathering together for fun, friendship and sharing stories. I admired their comradery and, I asked to take a picture and they were more than accommodating.

In today's world full of  food trends such as vegan, organic, raw, gluten-free menus and recipes. Do Ranchers or Cowboys still matter? I say, Yes! I'm pretty "Ole School" and love a good steak, ribeye or chop. Nothing like a melt in your mouth bite of fillet Mignon followed by a taste of a well made Cabernet to wash it down. Or, a out door grilled fresh cut of ribeye steak and fresh vegetables or arugula salad to entice the taste buds and a sip of a recently released Pinot melts my heart. 

However, like most things in life everything in moderation and there isn't anything wrong with sharing a plate or two. Except when it comes to dessert. Dessert should always be eaten in the singular and sacrosanct!

So if you are blessed to visit Wine Country keep a keen eye out for the mysterious and rare Cowboy with the White Hat. Approach with a smile on your face, only speak kind words and be ready to laugh!

Remember, cooking with love always makes every recipe taste better! This statement is now officially "Cowboy" approved.

Lady E