Monday, August 25, 2014

Napa Valley Farmer's Market ....

Note: Yesterday, August 24, 20014, Napa Valley experienced a 6.0-6.1 earthquake. Many of the business, families and land suffered damage in the wake of the 3:20 am PST quake. My wishes for a speedy recovery for all and prayers to continued safety.

Having spent most of my time as an adult in wine country either sampling wine, being educated about wine or wandering the roads on an adventure... One thing is true. Napa Valley is magical.

By all accounts The City of Napa is the beginning of what most Northern Californians call the foot of Wine Country. Fertile land, sun drenched days and cool breezy nights make this location a must visit if you travel to California. The Napa Valley Farmers Market is not an exception. A rather small venue with local and unusual products that you most likely will not find anywhere else. For instance, The Pasta Poetry ... freshly made pasta from porcini pappardelle to parsley pappardelle and beyond. The artisanal pasta is rolled and delicate to the taste. I couldn't wait to get home and prepare a meal with the porcini pappardelle with wild mushroom, shallots and parmesan cheese. In the midst of my preparation I would have paid my sweetie to venture out to buy sherry, but he didn't trust me alone with the main dish... thinking I would eat it all.
Such a wide variety of flavors. However, I think the best time to visit Pasta Poetry's stand is the beginning of spring when the flowers are just in bloom. I've heard that her pasta with wild flowers is divine. 
On to the local honey. I try to make it a habit to buy local honey. It’s supposed to be good for the immune system. But in this case, how can one pass up on honey from the wild flower fields of Napa Valley? Or the honey from fields of lavender? I sure didn't' and the scent alone is intoxicating.
Worth the trip. Yes! Yes! And Yes! For those of you looking for hand rolled pasta, you can locate Pasta Poetry on Facebook and at Warning: This pasta will NOT sit on your shelves for an eternity. But, then once you taste it ... you find many reasons to eat it all way before the expiration date.
Cooking with love, makes any recipe taste better ... and from my experience from the farmers to the vintners in Napa Valley they do the same with all their ingredients.