Monday, September 8, 2014

Childhood favorite

There is no wonder why I have a fondness for the oceans. Not, only am I a native Californian, born in Berkeley and raised in the beautiful scenic wonderland known as Oakland, California.... ocean is in my blood. As a small child the fearsome five (me my Mother, Father, Brother and Sister) would venture to the Ocean at least once or twice a month..

Destination San Francisco! Nothing like the Pacific Ocean inches away from soft sand. Waves crashing and the laughter of seagulls above. We'd build sandcastles, read books and run on the shore barefoot. The ocean waters are cold, but the crisp air is fresh and clean. Afterwards we'd walk up a short hill to a San Francisco landmark known as the Cliff House.

Ocean crab, scallops and lobster to name a few were my favorite dishes to order at the Cliff House. The panaramic view is one of the many sites to see in Northern California. There is a great deal of history found inside of the humble doors of the Cliff House. Built in 1863 the Cliff House has been a haven for Senators, Presidents, celebrities, City-goers and locals. The building has gone through several transformations since 1863 along with the surrounding area. Gone are the Fair Grounds (replaced by apartments) and the glamour of yester year. However, the tradition of great food lives on.

Visiting places of my childhood brings back memories of laughter and sand filled shoes and a passion for food and elegance.

Cooking with love and a dash of passion for food and San Francisco made every recipe taste better at the Cliff House. To read more about the history and current restaurant at the Cliff House to go: