Sunday, April 26, 2015

B'bye Winter ...hello, Spring!

You can always tell the shifting from season to season based on the chill in the air or blistering sun in the sky. Another way... the shifting of seasonal vegetables at your local farm or Farmers market.
I was on an adventure to buy more Brussels sprouts to roast in the oven with honey and balsamic vinegar, but much to my dismay... they were on there way out and fresh spring pea pods were waiting.
So, what's a local girl to do? Adapt. I wouldn't recommend roasting pea pods. They are just fine on their own raw, steamed or tossed in a salad. More importantly shucking them and making a pesto pea pasta salad with roasted chicken. So many recipes, so little time.
Let the imagination run wild from season to season.
Welcome, Spring.