Monday, September 7, 2015

Leftover herbs ... no problem

Hello, Lady E Cooks fans! Sorry, I've been absent for a while, but it's been a couple of challenging months at work... and well life. As of today, I have several monthly articles that will post until 2016.            
The first being.... what do you do with all those left over herbs? Toss 'em? Make another dish? I've got a simple idea that will make use of the herbs and last a while with a no fuss no mess method. Herbed butter. Now, I know this isn't a new idea, but if you've never tried it ... take a moment and bring a stick of butter to room temperature. Why you might ask? Well, simply put it's easier to work with and allows the herbs to fully incorporate. First, mince, not chop, your herbs finely. Next in a bowl plop your room temperature butter into a bowl and place the herbs on top. Now, with a fork or plastic spatula blend the two together until smooth. I use was paper next and pour the mixture onto the wax paper. You can use plastic wrap, but I like wax paper to keep odors out. Flatten the mixture and roll in to a tube shape. Twist the ends and your done and done. Simple? Yes. Now, what do you do with it? I use it on fish, pasta, hamburgers patties at the end of cooking or a touch of elegance on a perfectly cooked steak. Whatever you choose it takes the old adage "Waist not, want not" to a flavorful level. Another trick, not shown here, use empty olive oil bottles to create your own dressings. You'll need either fresh or dried herbs a funnel and some sort of vinegar. Fresher taste and the bottle ... is recyclable.
Try new (or old)  methods to take your food accents to another level and most of all remember cooking with love makes any recipe taste better.