Sunday, March 6, 2016

Spring ....

Castello di Amorosa
Spring is just around the corner. And in most corners of the world, it means the crisp chill in the air subsides ever so slightly and a renewed warmth fills the air, the soil on the ground and vitality to branches the have been baron for months at a time. Napa Valley is no exception and it's one of my favorite times of the year to explore this quiet little area to be awed in it's new awakening.
Speaking of exploration and new awakenings, I have also risen from my deep slumber and hibernation from writing on my blog. To my world wide fans, I do apologize for my disappearance from the world wide web and culinary arts. Just like a blossom on a branch, I needed that spark of inspiration and I found it in the City of Calistoga.
 Its funny to me how one slight change can shift your viewpoint from "ho-hum" to "OMG". After having a delicious lunch at my usual haunt, Farmstead Restaurant, and instead of turning left and heading home. I decided to turn right and venture further North towards Calistoga. I have to admit the vineyards in this area are less commercial and small sites that allow you taste wine and shop to what seemed like a vortex that transports you to another Country, land or picturesque photograph.
The long driveways with breathtaking landscapes and hillsides that beckon you to ride to the top on a motorcycle (at least that what my Sweetheart says) and surprisingly .... Castles, with real live actual moats and one curious, yet vein Roster, to protect or amuse the visitors.

Roster ...I'll name him Valiant.

I had promised myself that I would not return to Northern California's wine country because of a "been there, done that" sarcasm and self inflicted yawn of boredom and venture to the South past Carmel for new adventures. But as my Sweetheart pointed out ...why? It's only an hour away and truthfully after venturing further North ...Obviously I've been limited in my scope and not the countryside itself. We didn't go into the wineries themselves and taste their spirits, but the strategic open eye from the vantage point of a motorcycle I might be yet again be inspired.

More to come. More to explore.