Friday, July 15, 2016

Celebrer le jour Bastille!

Yesterday, all around the world was the celebration of Bastille Day for those in France, French enthusiasts and descendants all around the world and those who embrace the rich heritage of France.
We in San Francisco flock to restaurants, bookstores, venues and oceanside to join in the celebration to a country we hold dear to our hearts. My intent is to venture north to the City of Yountville this weekend to have some summer time fun with friends at Chef Hubert Keller's event at my favorite restaurant Bouchon Bistro.
However, today our hearts are heavy and in sorrow for lives lost and suffering injuries at the hands of terriosts who continue on their quest for revenge against innocent citizens.
Although our hearts bleed and are in mourning for the beautiful City of Nice, France... I am reminded that our hearts are resilient under any attack or storm.
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