Monday, September 22, 2014

Tout le cuisine ...

I like to roam the isles of a good cookware store. One with reasonable prices and items that are made well. I am finding that many of the retail stores are selling specialty or fad type of gadgets. I am also starting to believe that the once a month Alameda Flea Market is where to find good quality kitchen items a below retail store prices.
Hence, my trip to Cost Plus. Now, don’t get me wrong. Cost Plus has pretty nifty items for serving, storing and decorating…but, I was on a hunt for a pitcher to make refreshing water with mint, cucumber and lime.
At first glance the oversized glass jar with a spout caught my eye. It had the convenient spout to turn and would look nicely on a table for barbeques. Then, I thought do I really want to spend over $20 on an item that will ultimately loose its seal around the pour spout and have to be tossed out? Glue doesn’t work, even Gorilla Glue doesn’t work.
Then, I turned to the elegantly designed vine decanter. It could double for a wine decanter and a place to store water….plus, look pretty cool on the table. On second thought when your hands are wet this darn things slips right out of your hands. And, the cover is a wooden ball … I could visualize the ball falling down my garbage disposal an me trying to fish it out. No. Nada...move on.
Gadget, after gadget, after gadget. Then, tucked in the corner on the bottom rack was an old fashioned glass pitcher with a handle. Nothing fancy. $16.00 less than the fancy gadget stuff and sturdy. It could be used to store summer fruit water, juices and fit simply on a dining table. My Mom has one just like it.
Cooking with love makes any recipe taste better … and a little common since and elegance goes a long way.