Monday, September 29, 2014

Summer refreshing water

On HOT, HOT, HOT summer days nothing is more refreshing than water. Well, except maybe a cold beer, but if you're not looking for a buzz to follow water is the winning thirst quencher. After reading my recent FLIP postings I found an article on perking up water with fruit ...and, wait for it cucumber, lime and mint. Sounded intriguing so I decided to follow the recipe and create my own version.
Filling the pitcher with fresh water and sparkling French Lemonade, from Cost Plus, I place slices of strawberries, lime, mint and cucumber and watched the magic happen. Set the mixture in the fridge and let it chill. With the left overs I placed small pieces in my ice cube tray and set that in the freezer to chill as well.
Within in a 1/2 hour I poured myself a tall glass and gulped, gulped, gulped down the entire glass. Very refreshing. However, I advise on eliminating the French Lemonade from the brew. It doesn't need it. Just plain ole fashioned tap water will do just fine.
Another tip.... don't let this mixture sit in the fridge for more than one day. After that it takes on a sour taste and isn't as refreshing. The flavors meld an are indistinguishable from one another. On the tip of the tongue the term would be called, "yuck".
How did the ice cubes turn out? Pretty cool. They were very pretty and added flare to an otherwise, boring glass of waiter. This might be a good idea for lemonade, punch or juice drinks. Did it add flavor... not much. But, it was very cool.
Nice little tip to use for the summer while the fruit lasts. Well, at least the strawberries. The mint, cucumber and lime are pretty much easy finds all year round.
Remember cooking with love, makes any recipe taste better. ...Even water.
Lady E