Monday, November 14, 2011

Food processor vs. Stand mixer? Which one is friend or which one is foe?

I love kitchen gadgets! The more the merrier. Large, medium or small ... if there is a purpose I'll take it. But, how many is too many gadgets? A true foodie would say, nah! There are never too many gadgets.

But, can one gadget substitute for another? I wonder... Food processor vs. Stand mixer?

This weekend I was tasked, by my Mother, to not only make her weekly vegetable requests, but she also wanted Mac n' Cheese and Cornbread. Needless to say...I was in the kitchen most of Sunday and loving every minute.

The last of many items made was my cornbread recipe (from scratch). It was going on 7:00 pm PST and I was getting exhausted. I just wanted to put my feet up and have a glass of wine. And I hated the idea of pulling yet another heavy piece of equipment from the cupboards. Then, I had a thought...why not just use the food processor you just cleaned. Brilliant, I thought. Soon, too find wasn't such a good idea.

I typically use the stand mixer with a wire whisk. I carefully mix the dry ingredients into the bowl and while the motor is running I slowly add the wet ingredients. The cornbread always comes out light, fluffy and slightly crumbly.

When I used the food processor the batter was runny.. More like the texture and consistency of cake batter. I added more cornmeal just to be on the safe side...and good thing I did…at least it baked into something that resembled food.

The taste perfection (BUTTER makes everything taste better), but the consistency was a cake cornbread. Not my cornbread that which is more like a muffin. It tasted fine. It looked okay. TRUST ME I ate it.

Explanation...the matter was over worked. Therefore, the glutens couldn't, didn't wouldn't form. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
The true test ...what will Mother say? Stay tuned for her very HONEST critique.