Saturday, September 28, 2013

What in the world was I thinking?!?!

I'm not sure if it was the laughter on the way to the restaurant, or the warm summer breeze or even the excitement of eating at a place that I have always respected and admired, but I forgot to take one single photo of the food, restaurant or ambiance.
Years ago while working in San Ramon I stumbled across a quaint restaurant named Café Esin. Immediately I was in love with the atmosphere and the beauty of the restaurant. Then, the perfect salad coupled by many, many, many homemade desserts to choose from.
It was a relationship made in heaven! Daily...and I do mean daily would go to the gym and after my workout I would call Café Esin and request a salad. It became such a ritual that the hostess knew me by name and my order.
Once while picking up my lunch the owner and Chef came to the front bar to meet me. She was as elegant as her name and restaurant. We shared stories of our passion for food and culinary skills. Since then I took staff members, employees and friends to the hidden treasure.
As time moves on so do people. We accomplish goals, venture in new directions and overcome obstacles, but true foodies never forget amazing experiences. Café Esin was such a place. So when my Sweetie and I discussed going out to dinner to celebrate my most recent accomplishment...I yearned for Café Esin.
However, the quaint restaurant I stumbled upon years ago has grown into a large and upscale restaurant. The ambiance and food still reflect the talent and skills of the woman I met years ago, but in a grander way.
I ordered pot roast which was priced right, succulent and balanced by the caramelized onions, carrots and string beans. The mashed potatoes were flaky and creamy at the same time. The daring of is two, my gallant escort had duck confit with the most delicious coucous I've ever a partner who shares...thanks Jimi!
I trust this restaurant so much that I asked the waiter to choose a glass of wine to pair with my meal. Not only did the waiter get it right ...the decision was based solely on taste and not price. Love a restaurant that doesn't rip off its patrons and places the dining experience above profit.
Last, but not least was the homemade desserts...Esin is known for her molten chocolate brownie that is half cake and half heaven. And even after years of my absence the magic is still baking, brewing, stirring and folding in the kitchen.
Needless to say the evening was magical, but in my euphoria I forgot to take one single picture of the restaurant or food. Thank God for my sweeties brilliant idea to take a picture. The picture may last a lifetime, but the special evening will be etched in my memory forever.
Esin and I have matured, grown and become a better version of ourselves. Thank you Esin for the culinary inspiration you bring to our lives. Will return very soon in the meantime I am grateful that you cook everything with makes a culinary experience much better.

Lady E and Jimi Evins at Esin Restaurant and Bar