Thursday, November 21, 2013

Does size really matter?

The carrot to the lower right side is a normal average everyday carrot found at any local grocery store. The center carrot is uber large, sweet and great for more things than soup.
Does size really matter when it comes to ingredients for a recipe?

Actually, size does matter when it comes to balancing flavors and textures in a recipe to ensure the overall ingredients aren't overwhelmed by one single ingredient, your taste buds or the recipe.

Case in point, during the summer I was perusing my favorite Sunday Farmers Market and my go to stand for root veggies and fresh herbs is Andreotti Farms of Half Moon Bay, California. Believe it or not the broccoli is actually sweet and the beets are tender. However, I digress...the size of a carrot caught my attention.

This carrots is gi-normous! Something that either a horse or rabbit would adore to eat, not to mention humans. Frank (Son and Farmer of Andreotti Farms) said, "Elayne, trust me and try it. Really tender and sweet." Well Frank has never lied and so I ventured to buy the giant carrot.

And yes, he was right. The flavor was amazing, the carrot was tender to cut and eat. Best use... dips and snacking. I used the carrot in a chicken soup recipe.... not the best idea. It completely changed the taste of the soup. Now, carrot soup or smoothies... now, that's an idea!

To give you some perspective, the carrot on the lower right hand side of the picture is an average - Joe Blow -daily- run of the mill carrot you'd find at a local super market. The carrot in the middle is the mutant carrot that rocked my culinary world.

Remember cooking with love, makes everything taste better. Even Cyclops's carrots.