Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sundays at the Farmers Market ....

It's Sunday Novemer 6, 2011 and after a chilly night with Northern California rainfall. I awoke from a restful nights sleep relishing in the idea of Spring forward...fall back.

Today is a fine day to attend church and stroll the Farmers Market. So that was my journey this morning.
The brisk cool air was counter-balanced by the warmth from the sun. I was happy as a lark. I even had enough change in my pocket to pay the "super close parking". I skipped gleefully along the way. Reminded me of Dorothy from the Wizard of OZ.

Anywho I soon found out that arriving to the FM at 12:30 pm is not the wisets choice. Why? Everything was picked over.
The Mushroom mushrooms. The Pepper peppers. Frank my go to Farmer from Half Moon Bay. .... Nada. The only thing I bought were four Meyers Lemons and two sweet potaots for my test recipe. Alas... I'll have to walk the isles of ... Safeway.

Lesson learned: Go to the Farmers Market before church.