Monday, December 12, 2011

Nope. They aren't flowers!

Nope, they aren't flowers.
Look closer. Yep, the vibrant colors belong to lettuce.
I know some people live by the lettuce on a bag already washed & ready to go. But, I find often that the lettuce in a bag is either skimpy, flavorless or tastes more like the plastic bag it came in rather than the natural grown lettuce inside.

Try this. Go to your local Farmer's Market and buy one head of lettuce. When you get home you'll notice the leaves are tender. Either cut off the bottom of the core or separate each leaf individually and wash with cool water or soak on a water bath until sand & dirt float to the bottom of the bowl.

Next, place clean leaves in a salad spinner and spin away until all the moisture is gone & leaves are dry. No, salad spinner? Simply place the leaves in a clean kitchen towel and whirl the towel over your head in a clock-ward motion until the leaves are dry. One to two minutes at most. Please note...the second option can be kinda messy.
I find that Farmers Market lettuce has more flavor, last longer & doesn't require dressing. Just plain olive oil & lemon help highlight the natural flavor.
So give it a try.... And remember cooking with love, makes everything taste better.