Thursday, December 15, 2011

Treat youself to elegant dining.

There is a jewel in the heart of Filmore in San Franisco. Filled with style, elegance and history.

Where? 1300 Filmore. It's not just the address, but its a "go to" place for a one if a kind dining experience.

No matter what season, time if day or choice on the menu I savor each moment and relish the day I return.

Chef David and his wife Monetta have created a jewel that shines and sparkles all the time. Yes. I am a fan and friend. I know how to cook, challange myself in creating recipes even critique restaurants. But when I'm at 1300... I simply enjoy.

Remember... Cooking with love makes every dish taste better.

Best dishes are made with passion, respect for the ingrediants and from the heart. 1300 on Filmore accomplish all...with ease and perfection.