Friday, February 17, 2012

Need cooking for a special event.... Think, Lady Elayne.

Simple full spread.

Homemade cake. Love butter cream icing.

 Tired of cooking? Too much to do and cooking is the last thing on your mind? Want a special menu designed for the event? I'd be glad to assist.

This celebration was fun! Created a menu designed for a little princess. Princess Alita wasn't interested in the cake, but loved, loved, loved the homemade biscuits with strawberry & blueberry jam.
The menu:
Sausauge and Spinach Quiche
Butter & arugula salad, red onion and pinenuts.
Fruit salad 
Chocolate butter cream frosting and cake.
The candle is to die for!
And so was the least my Baby-Girl Angie said so!
Fruit! Tons of antioxidents to offset the cake.

.."Uh, can someone get me another homemade buscuit made by Aunt La'La?
 I can't fit this thing in my mouth"

Remember... Cooking with love, always makes any recipe taste better!