Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Birthday, Alita!

Ever wonder what to serve for a midday bruch type event that's fast and simple, easy on the budget and effortless to make. Try a quiche and use your imagination to your hearts desire.

This quiche was made with sausauge, spinach and guyere cheese. The sausauge was flavorful and the sauteed spinach with onions, garlic and olive oil...rounded out the flavors. The guyere just adds the right amout of salty-creamy bite.

With a side of fruit salad and a homemade Birthday Cake for a little princess...the meal was "delicious".
Sausauge & Spinach Quiche
Fruit salad for everyone!

Baby Alita is finally ONE!
The cake is just a vehicle for icing!