Saturday, October 20, 2012

It's in the BAG!

Ever wonder how to ripen fresh stone fruit on the counter top? I was given this advice years ago while working in San Francisco. Every Wednesday a group of us would walk down to the Farmer's Market, near the Courthouse, and buy produce, veggies or whatever they were selling. I was hesitant to buy fresh fruit because it spoiled to quickly. My co-worker told me to place the fruit inside a brown paper bag and turn them daily until ripened.

Sounds simple enough, right? Well it is. The key is to turn the fruit daily. Watch for brown spots. Once you see brown spots you might as well cut the fruit and make jam. Leaving them in the bag won't save them from spoiling,only allow the fruit to ripen naturally.

Take the fruit out of the bag once it feels tender to the touch. Cut them open...and et voila! Naturally ripened sweet fruit all the way down to the pit. No bruises. No blemishes. No fungus.

Sorry, i didn't mention this earlier....not sure if this works for seasonal summer stone fruit at the end of the season. Stone fruit has a habit of becoming "mealy" ...yes, that's a technical term....when the season is over.

Hope it works for you.
Cooked with love.
Lady E

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