Monday, February 25, 2013

They had me at bacon....

Fourth Street in Berkeley is a great place to venture on a sunny Sunday. I've know this for a while, but haven't ventured in that direction for years. Well this past Sunday after a hard and long workout at the gym I decided to take a moment to breathe and relax. There are several different places to eat on 4th Street. What caught my eye was BACON.
So, I decided to venture into Zuti, which is the French word for "Damn!". And yes, once I walked into the elegant and cozy restaurant I was pleasantly suprised.
Lovely way to spend a quiet relaxing Sunday.

Coffee was perfect

Beignets - very large, fluffy pillows.
I give Zuti 4 spoons - these were more
like a cross between a raised glazed
donut and a pancake. Beignets should
melt in your mouth...not take 20 chews
before you swallow. The upside...
they were tasty

Next stop....