Thursday, August 15, 2013

Double duty for mustard.

If you are a fan of my blog, you might remember an old post about my favorite condiment, mustard. Well I have a new idea how to create double duty from your favorite brand.
When you are at the bottom of your favorite mustard jar and that spoon, knife or even plastic spatula won't dig out the last drop of yumminess, don't's a simple solution. Turn the jar of mustard into a container for salad dressing.
Pour your favorite oil, salt pepper, lemon juice, even chopped garlic. Choose a recipe that calls for mustard as an emulsifier.
You know! The act of emulsion. That big fancy word you used in Chemistry in High School. It's the act of encouraging the suspension of one liquid in another. Mustard is the perfect agent .. and quite tasty, too.
Once you have all the ingrediants in your jar. Put on the lid, skake, shake, shake until ingredients blend and voila......your own concoction.
This trick can also be used to create and store marinades or spreads.
Double duty more trick for your culinary arsenal.
Cooking with love makes any recipe taste better.