Monday, March 10, 2014

Ground turkey woos? Here's a helpful hint.

Ground turkey doesn't make the culinary cut in your house? Taste to bland? Can't tell if the meat is cooked or not?

Me, too! I love the taste of ground turkey with mushrooms, onions, name it. Stuffed inside pita bread, on top of pizza and especially freshly made turkey tacos with celery, cilantro and sour cream with a squeeze of lime. But ground turkey meat, whether dark or white, meat doesn't cook like ground beef.

So this is a simple suggestion to make cooked ground turkey that is full of flavor, seasoned to YOUR taste and fully cooked.

First get your pan ready. Caste iron works, but in the case I used a non stick killet. Use 2 to 3 tablespoons of good olive oil and let heat on medium low. Next, two garlic cloves peeled and slightly cracked and place in the warm oil. The garlic will infuse the olive oil. Heat the garlic in the pan for only one minute, two at tops. Try not let them burn.... the oil will turn bitter.

Back to the ground turkey. Flatten the ground turkey into a large disc. Season liberally on one side of salt, pepper, garlic or onion salt. I used freshly ground oregano, too. Place the turkey patty seasoning side down in the hot skilet. Let cook until the meat is moveable with a pair of tongs or spatula. Then, flip to the other side. Remove after 5 - 8 minutes and let rest on a cutting board. 

Allow the meat to cool and then chop or dice into soup, taco shells, or slice for sandwiches. 

Easy way to cook, season and flavor an other wise bland meat.

Let me know your thoughts....

Remember cooking with love makes any recipe taste better.

Lady E