Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Don't ya just love it when a plan, or recipe, comes together?

Last year I held a weekly Crostata tasting using fresh Farmer's Market produce. You remember the Apple Crostata, The Peach Crostata (The overall fan-favorite winner) and the lovely, yet disastrous Sweet Potato Crostata.
You might even recall my effort to make a fresh Fig Crostata? It didn't quite make the blog. It was wwwaaayyy to sweet and just lack luster. Well, I might have found a resolution that allows flavor and texture to take center stage with the Figs. The solution? Dried fruit.
I was strolling around the Farmers Market, like I do most Sundays and purchasing food for the week and admiring the seasons fresh produce. While standing in line with a bag full of lemons and oranges I noticed several children popping dried fruit in their mouths like candy. Then it hit me! A layer of figs sliced evenly onto the bed of a Crostata and topped with dried fruit and sliced almonds? Why not? Isn't that what a test kitchen is for?
It isn't quite fig season in California, but at the height of the season... keep a look out for this test Crostata to come to the blogosphere.
So the main ingredient will be fig, but it will be cooked with love.... remembering any recipe will taste better.
Comments or suggestions are always welcomed.
Lady E