Monday, June 2, 2014

Twist: Shrimp style

Traveling the food isles can be invigorating and a inventive time for culinary goodies. It's not only the time to shop for weekly groceries it can be a time to create a unforgettable ... and sometimes forgettable dishes.
Walking through Wholefoods Grocery store I found stone ground, gluten free corn tortillas. I wondered if they would pair nicely with my roasted shrimp and homemade salsa?
Simple ingredients and delicious results? Not so much. At least not for my taste buds. The corn tortilla overpowered the taste of the shrimp. Or, possibly the shrimp should have been grilled or saluted in the salsa until blimp and juicy.
Then again the texture of the shrimp were plump and juicy, but combined with the texture of the corn tortilla it didn't mix well.
Next time.... cook the shrimp in the salsa and hit it with a drizzle of fresh lime juice. Also, add an additional ingredient.... cheese. Something that will melt and add flavor.
Testing recipes is a part of being a foodie or even a Chef.
So test away, find what inspires you and ... write things down. Who knows the next culinary genius could be found with one home tested recipe.  
Cooking with love, makes any recipe taste better..... even if you have to test it first.