Saturday, July 5, 2014

San Francisco at it's best!

Warm summer days are not rare in San Francisco. However warm summer days on the 4th of July are uncommon when coupled with crystal blue skies and not a cloud in site. Perfect weather to watch the fireworks display off the San Francisco Pier.

We started the day at the AMC Metreon Movie Theatre and shortly after decided to wander around my favorite area of the City... down to the Piers we go!
Since the 4th of July is a National Holiday the usual frantic array of people destined for their workplaces were absent from the streets. Relaxed adventurers followed the sounds of seagulls, puttering of motorcars and the faint sound of ferry's in the distance.
First stop, The Ferry Building itself. A must see site for any traveler, especially on a warm day. Inside this historical jewel are an array of food venues, bookstores and tours. Visit to learn more about what the Ferry Building has to offer.

My mission on this day... visit the Miette Bakery site in San Francisco. I've written about the location in Jack London Square in Oakland, but I've never been to the location in San Francisco. As suspected it was crowded with long lines and the pastry I was hoping to buy was already gone. I have been told the Eclairs are the first to go. However, my friend did purchase a brownie which he did share a bite with me. Super moist with the taste of rich dark chocolate. I purchased a chocolate cupcake with a swirl of whipped topping that only compares to homemade marshmallows. Both delicious.

Onward my friend and I followed the wide sidewalks of the Embarcadero towards more sites and venues. The second destination, Pier 23. I'm fond of Pier 23 for two reasons. 1) the food is reasonably priced and fresh. 2) the drinks are great without a lot of fanfare. This is a downhome, easy going, relaxing venue that is expected of Pier-life. The old wooden floors with outside seating fits the City's charm. Checkout the website and drool over the inventive seafood selection. My choice are the seafood tacos with a slaw. Simply delicious.

The Pier in San Francisco is one of the best sites the City has to offer. It's a long walk ... please wear comfortable shoes, bring a light jacket in case you stay after sundown and if possible take the ferry to other sites nearby. Sausalito, Oakland, Tiburon are a short brief ride away on the ocean waves.

I've never intended the blog to be a travel/foodie site, but I couldn't  resist sharing this wonderful day by the shore.

Remember cooking with love makes any recipe taste better ... the Piers of San Francisco are no exception to this idea.