Thursday, October 9, 2014

I've expanded .. . New roads to venture down...

Hello, Lady E Cooks fans ... If you are a fan of Lady E blog and writing, guess what? I have an additional blog called 202020Quest.

The blog is about my venture into how I can improve my life (and in turn others) by stretching, meditating an praying for at least 20 minutes each daily.

I initially started the blog as a measurement of how meditating, praying and stretching during the day can enhance my life. However, the steps have taken me in directions I never imagined. I previously did not share the blog with anyone or on any other social media, but I've come to realize in order to grow, for me, I need to share my vulnerabilities and insights of how my life is improving to more than a limited few. An issue I have long struggled with.

The deepest desire is to become a writer and one day become published and earn income with my thoughts, words and actions. However God wants to manifest that in my life... I'm all IN!  So here we go.... a five year venture to growth, pursuit of joy and sharing what happens on the way.

The quest can be found on

Thank you to my readers on Lady E Cooks blog and somehow finding your way to The Quest blog.

Lady E Cooks will continue .... after all I love to cook.