Monday, October 6, 2014

San Francisco food truck

On the corner of Montgomery and California Street in San Francisco in the heart of the Financial District at approximately 12 noon a funny thing happens. There is a distant humming that occurs. It's faint, but it can be heard with the naked... ear. No, it's not the cars, or the persistent red, green and yellow of lights flashing for cars to yield, stop or go. It's the sound of food trucks around town feeding the many who line up for specialties from Persian to Latin flavors. 
Food Trucks have gained in popularity in the last decade because they are reasonably priced, delicious food and fast. From one corner to another food trucks come and go during the rush hour of lunch. I haven't ventured in this direction yet, but very soon I will try this nouveau cuisine and determine.... Restaurant vs. Food Truck and see which is the best way to go.
I love San Francisco... so much to discover, so many opportunities to explore ...from one corner to the next.
Cooking with love makes any recipe taste better. Let's see if the Food Trucks follow this golden rule.