Monday, October 27, 2014

Kokkaris... Need I say more?

For my regular and devoted readers you know I love San Francisco. I love visiting, shopping and working there... commute, not so much. But once I'm nestled in my office and greeting my fellow employees, without hesitation, I release a sign of " I'm home".

A magical place I also call home in San Francisco is a Greek Restaurant named Kokkaris. At first glance the highlight of the restaurant is the bar. Expert Mixologist spin their web of creative cocktails or providing an unrivaled wine lists in the City. The menu is filled with a variety of specials only known to the restaurant or it's name sake the village on Samos Island in Greece.  
Next, the menu. Now I've, unfortunately, have not been to the great isle of Greece, but one bite... just one bite and I'm transported to a place far and away from San Francisco.  Where else can I have on a hot summers day cold firm and sweet watermelon with light fruity olive oil and a sprinkle of fresh feta cheese and freshly cracked pepper. I ask you WHERE? And, that's just the appetizer. The second meal was followed by a freshly caught ocean fish that was grilled on both sides with a crust of fresh herbs.
Surrounded my multicultural people of all ages interested in two things. 1) Conversation and 2) Food and Wine. I was waiting for my dear, sweet friend who I've known for years and she was running late. I didn't mind because I was surrounded by friendly, sociable people. We kept each other company, shared food and conversation so much so the time flew by before she floated in the room.
"No worries', I said, things always happen for a reason and things always work out for the best.
Getting a seat a Kokkaris on a Friday night is ... difficult if you press it. If you relax, enjoy the atmosphere, people and are polite... all good thing come your way.

This particular evening. when my friend arrived the couple I was conversing with was decided to bid us adieu and they gave myself, the charming and handsome gentlemen I was talking to (BTW, I will never forget him...OH-SO Handsome) and one seat for my BFF. We were waited on like the King and Queens of the court. Sharing food, more conversation and laughter.

All things must come to an end, right? However, the memory of the evening will last forever. The young man, Caden, said good night and farewell and left the two women to chatter and sip our Turkish coffee and drool over the one last bite of dessert. Hours later, we requested the bill and to our surprise, Caden had paid for the entire meal for both myself and my friend.

I never heard from Caden again. C'est la vie .... I send him kisses in the wind.
Come to California. Visit San Francisco and be transported to Greece on a vessel known as Kokkaris. .