Monday, November 10, 2014

What do Pasta and Poetry possibly have in common?

What do Pasta and Poetry have in common? Give up? Brilliant harmony. The harmony of flavor, taste and nutrition in each mouthful of handmade pasta by Linda Cerda.
If you are a pasta person. Like me, there is nothing like homemade pasta. Dried is good, but freshly made melts in your mouth and absorbs flavors like a sponge without getting soft or flat. Plus it’s so a fast delicious meal with almost any ingredient in the fridge or cupboard.
What caught my eye about Linda’s pasta is the use of seasonal herbs and or vegetables and blend them with fresh pasta to create one amazing dish. I purchased the porcini papparadelle. I love papparadelle especially with rabbit or a wild mushroom melody. I also purchased something a little thinner than spaghetti in a varietal bag. Tender strands of pasta that nearly melt in your mouth.
I’m told that Linda also makes a wild flower pasta during the springtime, which is featured on her Facebook page
I’m usually not at a lose for words…but in this case I am. I can only recommend if you go to wine country during the spring and summer months stop at the location and see Linda and her lovely stand featuring her pasta. Or,  go to her website and order strands, pounds and packages of pasta. You will not be disappointed. Tell her Lady E sent you ….
Cooking with love makes any recipe taste better….  Pasta Poetry harmony in every recipe.