Monday, November 2, 2015

Lady E Sweet Pockets ...

Sometimes I get the craziest ideas... when I'm either hungry or after a blissful nights sleep. This time it was a combination of both. One night I was craving something sweet. Not just any ole thing... like ice cream or brownies, but a pastry fruit filled bite size morsel.
Voilà, Sweet Pockets were born.
I used the same recipe for making Galettes, see previous recipes, and just made them bite sized. Then, this morning I thought, why not make them with cutters that are typically reserved for cookies.
My original vision was a larger disk of pastry on the bottom, fill it with seasonal fruit that has a dash of sugar, lemon juice and jest and then top it with a smaller disk folding the edges over.
Unfortunately, that didn't work as well as I imaged. So, I did the same thing, but use "culinary glue", better known as "egg-wash" to seal a the deal. That worked much better. Different shapes, sizes and fillings later... The sweet pockets were... well, sweet.
Two varieties were made. Strawberry with vanilla sugar and apples with lemon jest. The apples could've used a touch of brown sugar, but in all ...the crust was flaky, butter and filling was tasty. Just the right bite size delight.
It can be a little time consuming and you have to work fast to keep the butter in the dough chilled or you can work in stages... never, allow the butter to become soft the crust won't be flaky.
This would be a great Thanksgiving treat for those who want that little taste of dessert, but don't want a whole slice of pie or cake.
Testing recipes is a good thing... using your imagination is a great thing. Cooking with love... well, you know the rest.
Happy Thanksgiving.