Monday, December 7, 2015

Garys ... JLB Biscotti.

Man-oh-man, am I a good friend. When my friend Gary Prevost requested baked goods for an outing ...what did Lady E do? Brought on the goods with homemade biscotti.  
Now, I can't take full credit for the Culinary Creation, but I can be happy I saw an old show of Gilda at Home featuring holiday biscotti. Giada's recipe calls for the biscotti to be dipped into melted white chocolate. But, since I was making the treats for breakfast, I opted to leave out the chocolate.
If you've never made biscotti... don't hesitate. Run... not walk to your nearby pantry and begin the divine journey into the world of biscotti. I used dried cranberries and almonds for the recipe.
Now, most of you might be saying, "biscotti"? Those dried out pieces of bread that you dip in freshly brewed coffee or espresso? Yuck! Yes, those tasty treats aren't dried out or hard when made at home. Especially, if you reduce the cooking time for both sessions in the oven.
Yes, biscotti is a twice baked biscuit with so many alternatives with dried fruited, nuts and even a jest or two of orange. I even made a second batch to take to work the following week with dark chocolate chips and orange jest. Which in both cases were eaten... every last one.
Adventure on the Italian side of the world and bake a biscotti for the holidays for family and friends. They will know that you cooked it love .... and that makes any recipe better.
Happy Holidays from Lady E and crew.