Tuesday, August 2, 2016

BONUS ARTICLE: Galette season? Oh, yay!

How did my Culinary blog journey begin? It started with cocktails and then graduated to Crostata and then elevated to my favorite all time recipe ... the Strawberry Galette. Fresh fruit Galette are the best to highlight at the peek of the season. And the light flaky crust of a Galette are to die for. Before the fresh season ends... run, don't walk to the nearest Farmers Market and buy, buy, buy strawberries. You can freeze them, roast them to chewy candy but make a Galette to share, give or eat with friends and family.
What do I like about Galette so much? The ingredients are simple: flour, salt, butter and sugar with ice water. Yep that's it. I've posted over the years several different recipes but never with powered sugar to top off the finished Galette.
This bonus article was brought to you by my Sweetheart who demanded, yes... demanded a Strawberry Galette after I made one for my Mother.
Both were made with love ... so, as we say in Lady E Cooks kitchen, the recipe tasted so much better. Off to make my second favorite Galette... Blackburn ... or maybe peach! Yaazzz!