Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Weekly Crostata, Anyone?

CROSTATA! Oh, yummy and super easy to make.
I'm holding a weekly Crostata tasting. Once, per week I'll marry the fresh Farmer's Market fruit...whatever is in season... and surround it with a flaky free form pastry shell...known as a Crostata.
This juicy delight is peach and blueberry.
Delivery: Wilkinson Family

Upcoming tastings:
The list is never ending...

Do you want to be included in the weekly tasting? How do I get on the list? Join my blog. The recipient of the Crostata must write a review of the pastry on my blog.
NOTE: Only local northern California deliveries within 20 miles of Oakland, California are qualified in the tasting.

Thank you for being the brighter part of my day. And, with love makes any recipe taste better.

Lady E


  1. We were the lucky recipients of the above crostata and we LOVED it. General consensus of the dinner party was that the crust perfectly and equally the fruit. My husband really enjoyed how the fruit juices permeated the crust. One of other dinner guest said, "As an experienced eater of homemade pastry, I was expecting a saccharine inside with a dry tannin filled crust. This pastry was different. The lack of sugar brought out deep natural flavors in the fruit, without being drowned out by the mouthfeel of the crust. While the crust was not flaky it was pleasantly heavy, and not dry."
    And really, I'm not sure I can improve on that. It was delicious.

    1. Hey, Ish... It was a pleasure to serve you and your guest at the dinner party. I am equally grateful that you all enjoyed the crostata. The Peach and Blueberry filing was refreshing choice to marry with the Indican Cuisine you had for dinner.

      Anytime I can bring joy to one's kitchen and taste buds, re-energies my soul and reinforces my notion.. I should have gone to Culinary School, instead of Law School, LOL! Cooking is my joy. Writting about cooking is my joy.

      Until next time....I'm thinking a fall crostata for Thanksgiving...You in? Lady E with love makes any recipe taste better.

    2. Definitely! Fall crostata, summer crostata, winter crostata - I'm now gaga for crostata!